Kivijärvi Resort

The spectacular Kivijärvi Resort Leisure Centre offers distinctive accommodation in modern Niliaitta cabins built on single stilts, together with all the services of a Nordic forest spa.

The destination offers exclusive and distinctive accommodation for the adult travelers amidst a peaceful natural landscape. In addition to the more traditional ground-level cabins, there are Niliaitta cabins built on single stilts that minimize the impact on the surrounding nature, as well as cabins built on poles in the water.

Get acquainted with the destination

48 construction sites

    • The plan includes 25 Niliaitta cabins, 5 cabins on the water and 18 ground-level loft cabins

The Hannunkivi Holiday Village is right next to the resort

    • This active holiday village comprises of 36 holiday cabins and has about 1.800 timeshare owners

3.973 square meters

    • In addition to holiday cabins, there is a 1.460 square meter forest spa / hotel building and a 200 square meter sauna / conference building on the water (included in the figures)

The first Niliaitta cabin is already in use

    • A 30 square meter cabin built on a 4-meter pillar and equipped with all modern comforts offers the traveler an unforgettable experience

Join us in building the most significant travel complex in Northern Central Finland!