Niemenharju Holiday Home

and Travel Area

Niemenharju Holiday Home and Travel Area in Pihtipudas offers high-quality leisure activities in a tranquil natural setting yet close to a popular tourist route through the Heart of Finland.

Holiday homes with fiber optic connections offer a possibility for active remote work holidays just a few hundred meters from the route E75. A wide range of activity services are available right at your own pier, and restaurant services, for example, can be found just on the other side of the ridge.

Get acquainted with the destination

10 beachside construction sites

    • Some holiday homes have a separate sauna by the shore and others have an inbuilt sauna in the home itself

Niemenharju Travel Centre on the other side of the ridge

    • All the services of the travel center are within a walking distance and other services of the municipality are only a short journey away

1.200 square meters

    • Divided into two blocks surrounding a sauna world with a sandy beach and a pier

Additional area near the dance hall (option)

    • In total 500 square meters for four holiday homes with saunas

Join us in building the most significant travel complex in Northern Central Finland!